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The motion sensored light ring and LED Smart Screen features 2-way communication which provides continuous communication to the hose handle and complies with all European standards for stand-by electrical consumption. The Intelligent Smart Screen icons d


Intelligent Smart Screen


The Power Button

The Power symbol on the power unit screen or button can turn the unit ON/OFF. The unit can also be activated by the hose handle from an inlet valve inside the home, Quick Clean Valve on the power unit or many other cleaning tools through a low volt system. <br/>

Power Button


Communication Link Icon

When the BEAM Alliance hose is connected to an inlet valve, the Communication Link icon will appear at the top of the power unit screen. The fan blade on the BEAM Alliance hose handle will pulsate with a glowing blue light to indicate communication between power unit and hose handle when the hose is in standby mode or OFF position.

Communication Link


Motor Fault Indicator Icon

If there is a system fault or malfunction with your power unit, the fan blade icon will flash with an
exclamation icon. If these symbols appear on the power unit screen, turn the power unit OFF and
call for service. The power unit communicates the system fault to the BEAM Alliance hose handle with a
RED flashing fan blade.

 Motor Fault


Empty Bucket Indicator Icon

For every 25 hours of use (approximately 6 months) the empty bucket indicator icon will flash on the power unit screen. The power unit also communicates to empty the dirt bucket to the BEAM Alliancehose handle with a RED flashing fan blade. As this notice is time based, you may find the dirt bucket partially full or too full. If you have pets, a workshop or vacuum frequently, you should check the dirt bucket more frequently.


Once the bucket is emptied, simply push the reset button below the bucket icon and hold for 5 seconds.


Empty Bucket